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Existentialism in a present-
day shape

In all times, the human body has been a medium that artists treat and cultivate and through which they bring aspirations into light. During an intense life, Gabriella Sandin has studied traditions of dance and bodily existence in different cultures. In her sculptures, the harmony and graceful physique of classic art blends with the roughness and power of life. The large resting bodies are produced in the grandiose tranquility of empty quarries.

The idea of Being is kicked around in this work.
It is about peace of mind in our time.

Gabriella Sandin was educated in art history at universities of Lund, Stockholm and Gothenburg. She studied Fine Arts in Barcelona and in Lisbon. This was followed by research in Brasilian Salvador. In the process of exploring stonecarving she has developed traditional and modern techniques together with craftsmen in quarries and stone industries. Gabriella Sandin gives perspective to contemporary sculpture as she deals with philosophical matters, observing the very nature of human drama. Her work allows art to reclaim it’s principle function as an absolute sanctuary.

The Swedish residence was during several years the archipelago on the westcoast, where she built a unique artist’s home and studio, solitary situated in the wild landscape.

Julian Smithson