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Diabase, duckfeathers, granite
Man: 230 cm (height) x 50 cm (width) x 60 cm (length)
Derriere / Ass: 130 cm (height) x 120 cm (width) x 90 cm (length)
Man: 1000 kg
Derriere / Ass: 2500 kg
Public work

A work in two parts embracing the idea of liberation and the freedom to depart, to leave the conformity of a provided culture, to fly away, travel solo and confront the unfamiliar. The pioneer adventurer Ella Maillart, born 1903, wrote: You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown. You travel for the unknown that reveals you with yourself.

The freedom to depart from the familiar world has a connotation in the very idea and highest intention of art: To dismiss conventional routines, produce new perspectives and broaden human awareness.