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30 cm (height) x 18 cm (width) x 20 cm (length)
36 kg

Scenes from the wild landscape of my asylum on the west coast of Sweden define the style of this work. In the vast archipelago, contours of the human body are outlined like idols in the natural shapes of cliffs and islands, creating majestic impressions.

Through art history, the depiction of the body has been used as a mirror in the act and aim to define who we are. Living through shifting epochs and contexts in art and philosophy, the central force remains the desire and effort to reach further, to upgrade awareness and to improve ourselves. The theme in this project comes from living in the body-orientated society of Brazil. The movement and power in this country of dance, music and cultural fusion is influenced by the practice of Candomblé: The sacred dancing stimulates physical confidence. It creates a sensation of divine power within, and expressed through, the body.

The work process consists of simultaneously produced pairs or groups of sculptures where parts are balancing and complementing each other. It is an observation of the relation between pieces, and the situation in space created by the group.